Ask The Limo Cycle Guy Episode 1

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“Dear Limo Cycle Guy, my wife and I have been married for 14 years. We’ve had a good marriage and she is the best mother to our two kids.
Limo Cycle Guy, my wife just came out of the closet! No, wait, uh she’s gone back in. Okay, now she’s back out again! Looks like she’s headed for the bathroom now. Anyway, the reason I’m writing is to ask what kind of beer we get on the brewery tour.
Signed, Curious.”

Dear Curious, sounds like your wife gets around! Our craft brewery tour gives you the opportunity to sample some of the very creative and truly unique offerings of Sanford’s local brewmeisters. You’ll receive a flight of beers at our three stops as well as a brief tour of the breweries. With your wife’s’ energy level, maybe you should bring her along to pedal!