parents need fun too

Parents Need Recess Too!

Limo Cycle Tours offers the solution to frazzled parents during back-to-school time! While adjusting to new routines and dealing with classic school year challenges, Limo Cycle Tours can provide a bit of relief and fun.  Take a break, grab…
one of a kind tour

One Of A Kind Adventure

Limo Cycle Tours is a one of a kind Some of our customers are really quite tall, While others of you are kind of small. While a very few, cannot pedal at all. Our cycles are built with adjustable seats, some have no pedals for those…
limo cycle tours

Purse Hooks For Your Dignity

Purse Holders on the Limo Cycle! The Limo Cycle is well equipped for your comfort, including purse hooks for each seat.  Guys, you will no longer be left holding the bag.
rain shield protection

Limo Cycle Rain Shield - Protection From the Elements!

The Best Rain Protection Money Can Buy on the Limo Cycle Always aware of our customer comfort and enjoyment, Limo Cycle presents our latest offering for you, our loyal customer.