One Of A Kind Adventure

Limo Cycle Tours is a one of a kind

Some of our customers are really quite tall,
While others of you are kind of small.
While a very few, cannot pedal at all.

Our cycles are built with adjustable seats,
some have no pedals for those with no feet.

We have a bench in the back with padding galore
and there are coolers with ice, built in to the floor.

There’s storage up top and built in cup holders.
There’s plenty of space for those with broad shoulders.

There’s an electric assist to offer some power
and a eight nozzles above to provide a mist shower.

Our drivers are safe as they brake and they steer.
Our bartenders are quick to refill your beer.

There are hooks for your purses and grab rails to hold.
With many tours to choose from, this never gets old.

You can scavenge and think and play silly games.
You can celebrate and party and make up new names.

If you control your face muscles and balance some nuts,
then our Shenanigans tour will have you kicking some butts.

If scavenging is you thing and you like cheesy medals,
try our Quest adventure and hunt while you pedal

Trivial knowledge can come in quite handy
as you drink, pedal and think on this tour so dandy.

Our brunch is a winner and offers free food.
It’s available on weekends if you’re in the mood.

On team building programs we can start communication.
Our moving escape games’ the only one in the nation.

If you like things spooky we have lots in store.
Our ghost hunting adventures are filled with old lore.

Our pub crawls are a hoot for you and your crew.
We get five star ratings and excellent reviews.

Limo Cycle Tours is a one-of-a-kind.
Come tour with us and leave your stress behind!